Chapter 5 - Kreyol Pale Kreyol Komprann

They drove south for about half an hour talking about their morning with Mrs. Walcott until they came upon standstill traffic. The road was completely washed out due to the Mississippi River flooding and police were directing traffic to the only available road. So, with an abundance of indelicate language from Amy, they did as they were told and headed west.

The scenery swiftly morphed from highly populated cities to swamps, with thousands of shades of green and brown and textures that shifted from cloudlike to razor sharp. She hadn’t been out of Crescent for fear of discovery and capture so she sat in the passenger seat hypnotized by the wetlands and the wonders that only grew in this part of the world.

She saw eyes meticulously moving along the surface of the bright green-skinned water and birds with legs so long she was sure the songs she’d heard on the radio were about them. The trees that shaded the ground were a wonder in themselves. They were monstrous and gnarled and looked as old as time itself. Growing on every available treebranch were vines and moss that appeared to have grown together forming its own impenetrable layer. And to securely round out the creep factor, the fog that laid right on top of the still water seemed to be moving as if it were alive.

After traveling for about an hour, Theo’s stomach started growling loud enough to startle Amy from her fascinations. “Do you need something?” Amy insisted, staring at Theo’s stomach.

“Yeah, I’ve been getting hungry for a while now, but I didn’t want to say anything since we are already going so far out of the way” Theo rubbed his stomach unconsciously and frowned.

“Stop at the next restaurant, that noise is concerning” Amy stated, pointing at Theo’s stomach and giving him no room to argue.

They’d just passed the last city for a while, so Theo was concerned that there wouldn’t be a restaurant for hours, and just as he was finishing his thought they came upon a run down shack with an old sign that read Po a Pou Kwit Manje.

“Is that a restaurant?” Amy asked

“Well I see smoke coming out of that fireplace, and there’s a sign that says The Cooking Pot” Theo responded

“How in the hell could you know that?” Amy asked

“What? You don’t speak Creole?” Theo smirked, knowing full well that very few people outside of Southern Louisiana did.

Theo parked the car in a hurry and before the dust had settled Theo was out of the car on his ​​way towards the diner. Amy followed a bit less enthused. As they made their way to the porch of the shanty, Amy saw a sign above the door that read Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Komprann. She wanted to ask Theo what it meant, but he’d already bolted inside and sat at a busted table that looked like it could barely hold his weight, an excited grin already spread on his face.

The question lost, Amy carefully sat at the table Theo had chosen and began to look for a menu.

“They don’t usually have menus at these kinds of places. You eat what they make, and you love it” his smile never wavering.

Then a heavyset lady with caramel colored skin and dreadlocks decorated with metal beads and small white fragments burst through the door shouting something that Amy couldn’t understand at the cook when she noticed the two sitting at table. She quickly calmed her demeanor and placed a big broken toothed smile across her face.

“Byen Venu, I’m Mama Luce what can I get you to drink, we have tea and water.” the lady spoke with a thick creole accent

“What kind of tea do you have?” Theo asked,

“Oh honey, we got the best sweet tea in Louisiana, I’ll get you both a cup” she said beaming then left through the same door she’d come in continuing her rant directed at the cook.

Mama Luce returned with two mismatched glasses of sweet tea and twinkled, “I add a little magic to every pitcher, y’all want some food too?”

“Yes please!” Theo responded straightening up as he reached for his glass, “What’s on the menu?”

“Today we got jambalaya, that okay?”

Theo’s eyebrows jumped in anticipation “I love jambalaya!”

Ami’s back also straighened. She loved jambalaya, it was her favorite dish from this world.

“Okay, be right back cher” and Mama Luce was gone again.