Chapter 3 - Theo, I'm a witch.

“Have you talked to Mitch’s family?” Amy asked as the car turned out of the Shady Acres driveway.

“Not yet, that was next on my list. I wanted to see the crime scene first” Theo responded as he frantically fumbled to untie the striped noose around his neck.

“Well, they didn’t have a good relationship with Mitch. I can only remember them coming to Shady Acres once, to drop him off” Amy offered. “Although, some of his more distant relatives would sometimes call to check on him. Which makes leads me to wonder, who hired you for this job?”

“Dorris told me that it was someone from his extended family, a grandmother I believe.” replied Theo.


“Yes, she’s my secretary.. or boss depending on who you’re asking” Theo grinned.

Ignoring the information she’d deemed inconsequential, “Ok, so I guess the next step would be to go and talk to his grandmother, but first I need to change out of this uniform and get some supplies for the road. Let’s stop by my house on the way out of Crescent. Take the next right.”

The car obeyed Amy’s instructions and eventually pulled into the small driveway of an even smaller cottage. The house was nothing notable, it was the garden that took Theo’s breath away, just as the garden at Shady Acres had. He realized that many of the same plants grew here as in the facilities gardens, and asked “did you do all this?” motioning towards the lush greenery.

“Yes” Amy shrugged without any further explanation and continued to walk tow