Chapter 2: They don’t call me Mr. Aide for nothin'

The Lesabre eventually pulled into the small driveway of an even smaller cottage. The house was nothing notable, it was the garden that took Theo’s breath away, just as the garden at Shady Acres had. He realized that many of the same plants grew here as did in the behavioral facilities gardens. He asked “did you do all this?” motioning towards the lush greenery.
“Yeah” Amy shrugged without any further explanation and continued to walk towards the small house.
“And the gardens at Shady Acres?” Theo asked, catching up to her.
“Uh huh” Amy stated, stopping abruptly in her tracks almost causing Theo to collide into her. She looked into his eyes, searching for something that made him feel uneasy. It was the first time that he’d really been able to look into her eyes, and he realized that her dark eyes weren’t a normal blue, brown, or even green. They were a very dark purple, almost indistinguishable from her pupils with brighter violet streaks that he could have sworn were slowly swirling around her irises. The streaks sped up, yep definitely moving. Theo couldn’t look away; it was as if he were looking into time. After a few moments that felt like decades, she seemed to decide something then blinked, releasing Theo from his trance. She waited a few seconds, then squaring her shoulders she confessed, “Theo, I’m a witch”.
“A.. what?” he replied, not knowing how to take this information. Was she pranking him, or maybe she was as crazy as the patients she cooked for at Shady Acres?
“A witch. You know, magic.. spells.. potions?” Rolling her eyes “Well, that’s what the humans of this world know about us anyway” Amy clarified.